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Product Description

The Starbucks® Tea & Coffee Basket is a gift meant to be shared and enjoyed. An assortment of Tazo® Teas, and two blends of Starbucks® finest – Breakfast Blend and Caffe Verona®, 2 signature mugs and  2 biscotti, packaged in a beautiful gift box and topped with a raffia ribbon.

Starbucks mugs change based on inventory, 12 oz starbucks or 8 ounce round will be supplied

Additional Information

Weight 6.5 lbs


  1. Coffee and tea with biscotti. Nice ribbon on basket. Great quality of product and nice mugs. I would recommend this product basket.

  2. Starbucks tea and coffee basket with mugs was an acceptional value. I sent this to family and they loved the gift baskset, coffee, tea and mugs. There was a nice ribbon included too. Affordable price.

  3. I would highly recommend gifting any thing Starbucks and with this basket it had tea and their coffee. They were happy to get it. The basket and ribbon were beautiful. The coffee and tea were fresh. The mugs hearty. Great value and affordable price. Easy to order too!!!

  4. Tea of Tazo and coffee maker Starbucks. I placed the order and they got it quick. Better than if I had gone shopping or gave them money. Mugs are really nice quality like their coffee. Great idea for a gift.

  5. Starbucks Tea and Coffee Basket was a gift I received. It came with an assortment of Tazo Teas, and two blends of Starbucks finest Breakfast Blend and Caffe Verona. There were also two signature mugs and  two biscotti. The package was in a beautiful gift box and topped with a ribbon.

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Starbucks® Tea & Coffee

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The Starbucks® Tea & Coffee Basket is a wonderful selection of fine teas and coffees. View product details for complete description.

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